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Megan´s Story

I’ve worked with personal trainers, nutritionists, even gone to medical weight loss facilities struggling and failing to lose weight. And now, for the first time, I truly feel like I am on the right path to being the best version of myself. What is the difference between all of those other things and Brittny? Brittny uses an inside out philosophy. I know what you may be thinking- that is a bunch of malarkey, because I used to think that too. However, deep down I was so tired of trying and failing to see change. I wanted to do something completely different.


From the get go, Brittny makes the program completely personal to you. She works with you to create a vision for the future and works backwards to map out the steps to get you to the version of yourself that you are craving. Through that process, I realized that it is so much more than weight that I wanted to lose. There have been tangible improvements in my life from the habits that Brittny has helped me form. For example, one of the things that we’ve worked on is building confidence and feeling more secure in my personal and professional life. In 3 short months, I went from feeling timid and lost at work to winning a coveted award for being bold and implementing new strategies and solutions- coincidence? I think not!

Just 3 short months ago, I would struggle to squeeze in 2 workouts in a week. Now, I’m consistently working out 5 days a week BEFORE work and kinda loving it!

I wanted to work with Brittny because from the moment I met her, she would make you feel as though you are good enough just as you are. I’m now starting to believe that about myself and the positive change is following. I no longer settle for 2 week/30 day quick fixes. I’m developing lifelong strategies for change and I can’t wait to continue this coaching journey!