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Laura´s Story

Working with Brittny has had more positive impacts on my life than I could ever imagine prior to starting coaching. My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were focused on my career, my health, and my journey to my best self. Brittny has challenged me to shift my mindset and understand how to set goals by acknowledging the actions/tasks that will lead me to my progress goals, and ultimately my larger end goals. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been setting and instilling habits in my routine. I am no longer “winging it” and hoping that what I am doing will lead to meeting my goals - I am living with intention and doing things that make me feel good about myself. I love Brittny’s positivity and the way that she has instilled positivity in me. There are absolutely days that I do not feel the greatest, but through coaching I have learned to reflect and understand what is necessary to re-direct and get to a place I feel comfortable and happy with my state of being. I feel more grace towards myself and have found a deeper self-love that I was so badly missing before coaching. I would describe Brittny as a beautiful ray of sunshine that is there to guide me and is always there, even when I put on my sunglasses, a.k.a. when I get distracted or off-track. She helps me find my footing again and encourages me to reflect on my values as they guide my life and the decision I make. I would 10000000% recommend working with Brittny. I was never hesitant prior to coaching, but I have heard skepticism when I mention that I work with a wellness/life coach because people immediately think, “But you are so successful, why do you need a coach?” My response is, “I am so successful BECAUSE I have a coach.” I think Brittny’s coaching is for anyone looking to show up each and every day better than you were the day before. Whether you have goals focused on getting in shape, eating healthier, being a better employee/boss, being a better friend/girlfriend/daughter, etc. Brittny’s coaching can benefit you. She makes things that might seem impossible or out of reach very tangible by creating a plan to get you to that end goal.


The most significant overall change I have noticed since beginning this journey with a health and wellness coach is the rebuilding of my self-esteem. 

Before I contacted Brittny, I felt aimless, overwhelmed with regular daily activities, and overall extremely full of anxiety.  Through small and incredibly effective daily habit building suggested by my coach, I am now able to easily manage the day to day responsibilities. Even better, I have been able to create and reach some personal goals. I am finally able to start doing all of those things I have had on a to-do list, or many to-do lists for years. I realized that for a very long time I was not taking care of myself and with Brittny’s help, I am doing that now. By taking care of myself, I have gained so much confidence. I don’t feel anxious. I just feel happy! 

I cannot imagine who would not benefit from health and wellness coaching. We all need help and we all need to take care of ourselves. I can admit that I was extremely nervous to reach out initially. I was nervous to admit that I needed help, even more nervous to ask for it and extremely nervous to talk to a stranger about it. But I do not want to imagine where I would be today if I had not reached out. I am so grateful for the coaching I have received so far and I am so excited that I am able to continue this health and wellness journey with such a wonderful person and coach. Thank you Brittny!