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Katelyn´s Story

A year ago, I was spending another afternoon scrolling through social media feeling like absolute shit. I hadn't gotten anything done that I set out to do that day and looking at all these "happy" people with "beautiful" lives made me feel even worse. "Why can't I be that happy? Why can't I be that beautiful? Why can't I be that successful?" I thought.

See what's ironic is even though scrolling through social media or binging on Netflix or eating shitty made me feel even worse, I didn't know what else to do. So I would spend hours doing these things (that made me feel shittier) in hopes that something would change. If I have learned anything in these 6 months, it's that "nothing changes if nothing changes". So here I was doing the same thing I had been doing for over a year, expecting a different result. To say I was frustrated doesn't even begin to cover it. I felt so stuck, ridiculously stuck. I always started my day with good intentions but never seemed to make good on the promises I made to myself.

As I was scrolling I came across something about life coaching from Brittny Golding (pre-married Britt). Brittny was someone I knew from the Madison and someone I envied (she's gorgeous, so happy and has the best energy) and someone I wanted to be like. She was advertising her company Silver Lining Wellness and lifestyle coaching. I initially was really kind of scared about contacting her, embarrassed honestly. Why do I need a fricken coach to be happy? (Simple answer is happiness is a practice and a skill) So I said "What the heck" and shot her a message. A few messages back and forth and we set up a consultation call for the following week.


I was so, so hopeful. Brittny and I just clicked, she knew exactly what I wanted and exactly how to get there. I had explained to her that I was so aware of my feelings and what was going on in my day to day life but I was so frustrated because I didn't know how to process what I was feeling or why I did the things I did.

Now that you understand where I was, let me talk a little bit about where I am now and how Brittny guided me here.

She helped me tap into what I was really feeling and why I was feeling that way, she would make me dig deeper into my thoughts even when it was a little uncomfortable (looking at yourself in the mirror is hard work!) and best of all she would leave me with actionable steps and things I could physically do to work through life. I always like to say working with Brittny has been like the absolute best kind of therapy, discussion and releasing emotions and then taking action.

Brittny was one of the best decisions I have made in my adult life (second to marrying my Hubs of course). She has an incredible talent for seeing the potential in people and showing that person how to be the best version of themselves. She has helped me grow and flourish more than I ever have in my adult life and given me life long skills that are priceless. If you are ready to get unstuck and make real change then coaching is for you.

Brittny, you are an incredible light and your energy is infectious (even over the phone). My life has been forever changed for the better because of your guidance and love. You taught me the real meaning of self-care and taught me how to love myself well. I have skills to deal with setbacks and bad days and I have tools to organize my life. I used to think I would never be one of those genuinely happy people, that I would simply have highs and lows in life. Today I can proudly say I have learned to find happiness in every day, even the bad ones, and for that I am so grateful.

Thank you for believing in me and most importantly teaching me to believe in myself